Dr. Deepak Hadagali(Vaidya)

Dr.(Vaidya) Deepak B. HadagaliDr.(Vaidya) Deepak B. Hadagali (B.A.M.S, YIC, PGDYTD, PGDND, ND.YD) is a elder son of Guruji and he is a well known Ayurvedic Consultant, Yoga therapist, Dietician, Naturopathiest.  Practicing for 3 years in ashrama and also he has conducted many classes regarding Panchkarma chikitsa in abroad. Deepak teaches an integrated practice of yoga and meditation based on his understanding of yoga as an ancient wisdom tradition. His classes are known to inspire personal transformation through their healing blend of, philosophical depth, and compassionate awareness. He is committed to translating yoga and spirituality into an accessible, meaningful practice that leads to transformational change in the whole person.